I don't even want to think about yesterday, mind you I just fell asleep 2am today and slept until now. I don't quite remember how many lines I had and how many times I vanished to have sex with any guy that was passably handsome. Not to mention the 48-year-old I joined to get laid in his office, lying on the conference table snorting line after line drinking Ramazzotti and listening to good old 80s rave.

I'm supposed to behave better. Selbstjustiz ergriffen, 3 months no drugs, no alcohol, no foreign fucking. That's the fuck about it.

Feel free to count the days. I'll report. Possibly auch wieder Deutsch, aber ich kann in wuetendem Zustand nicht Deutsch schreiben. Some kids broke in our apartment as well and stole my friend's notebook. Screw that lol, I was too high to even get it. Considering I was totally on coke and speed while the police were asking silly yet reverent questions, I think I did pretty well. Didn't freak out, hid my stuff right away, didn't reveal anything, even tried to not look them in the eye.

Anyways... Ihr habt es gehoert. 3 Monate Selbstjustiz.

1.8.10 13:39

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